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The snow is a giant playground for children. In the children's countries of the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School, kids learn the arts of skiing in a playful way, and are of course well-informed by the ski instructors.


At the Prätschli, the production "Honigland" creates a public, free beginner / children's area, which should also appeal to returnees. With a 45 m conveyor belt next to the Prätschli ski lift, the ski lift itself and vrious staging elements, we are creating a new world of experience. The topic "honey" is based on the bear country.

Kids-Land Innerarosa & Maran

The two kids-lands in Innerarosa and Maran are accessible to the smallest skiers in connection with a booking at the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School Arosa. In the ski centers the kids learn how to ski and fun is guaranteed.


Together with Klexx and Junior, you will learn how to ski and snowboard in the JUNIOR Pipe or Kids Park and have you can have fun while sledding!
The fairy tale gondola is also ready and lets the children float into a magical world.