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Swiss-O-Finder Arosa

Swiss-O-Finder Arosa

What is the Swiss-O-Finder Arosa?

The Swiss-O-Finder Arosa is the first implementation of the project "Swiss-O-Finder" designed for various tourist resorts and cities. The project was launched by Swiss Orienteering, the Swiss Association of Cross-Country Runners, is intended to promote an active lifestyle in a simple way combining two different skills, orientation and walking or running. The focus is set on the experience, successfully seeking out the best route and positions.

Where does the Swiss-O-Finder Arosa start?

From each of the three starting points mentioned below, a family or sport round can be started.

Family distance: 1.2-1.8 km, 4 or 5 items
Sport distance: 4.9-5.4 km, 9 or 10 items

How can I participate?

Tickets can be purchased free of charge in the following three locations:

Arosa Tourism
Sports and Convention Center
7050 Arosa
T +41 81 378 70 20

Golf- & Sporthotel Hof Maran
7050 Arosa
T +41 81 3778 51 51

Tschuggen Grand Hotel
7050 Arosa
T +41 81 378 99 99

Take your smartphone and scan the existing QR codes to get even more information about Arosa and the surrounding area.

The Arosa Finder ensures active experiences and promotes physical and mental fitness! Have fun!