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Team Switzerland

Team Switzerland

Team manager and coach of the Swiss delegation is none other than ex-international player Andy Egli. Anyone who plays under his direction and will fight for the third tournament victory after 2013 and 2015 will be announced in the next weeks definitely.

Team Switzerland 2018

Fabrice Borer (3 Matches)


David Degen (17 Matches)
Philipp Degen (32 Matches)
Daniel Gygax (35 Matches, 5 Goals)
Stéphane Chapuisat (103 Matches, 21 Goals)
Thomi Bickel (52 Matches, 5 Goals)
Marco Zwyssig (20 Matches, 1 Goal)
Marc Hottiger (64 Matches, 5 Goals)
Mario Eggimann (10 Matches)

Andy Egli (77 Matches, 9 Goals)