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Teams 2018

The Arosa IceSnowFootball does not compete with any unknown clubs. No no! Former football stars, who recently attracted attention with spectacular goals and fabulous defensive skills, are the main protagonists in Arosa!

Team Switzerland

Character that speak for themselves: record-breaking national players, football legends in foreign top leagues, goal hunters, technicians. In addition, players who were not to be overtaken during the active career and highly qualified experts. The ambitions of team Switzerland are always high.

Team Germany

Combat power, techniques, passion - where are these elements used better than in the multiple World Champion Germany? No tournament without German virtues. Some of the players who can be admired in Arosa might well explain these topics. Arosa is proud that our big, likeable neighbor Germany will compete in the IceSnowFootball world championship.

Team Netherlands

Oranje, The Netherlands - no nation in Europe embodies passion and football madness more than the Dutch. Legendary is the orange fan culture, the emotional and ingenious football stars from the country that represents the kingdom of King Willem Alexander in Arosa.

Sports-millions All-Stars

This year there will again be a world selection at the IceSnowFootball championship. The players promise to bring passion into the wintertime Arosa and the spectators can look forward to a delicate as well as playful ball game. On the football pitch, it is rare to laugh and dance as much as a world-wide team plays.