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Arosa IceSnowFootball

Welcome to the inofficial IceSnowFootball World Cup 17 and 18 January 2019  

8. Arosa IceSnowFootball - Teleclub Magazine

It is already time to recollect memories. Take a look at the Teleclub magazine of the 8th Arosa Snowfussball World Cup and experience the occasion in the midst of the wintery Arosa mountains.

7. Arosa IceSnowFootball - SRF Glanz & Gloria

The Swiss TV Show Glanz & Gloria visited the Arosa IceSnowFootball and asked players how hard it is to get rid oh their typical "football-player"-image.

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7. Arosa IceSnowFootball - SRF sportaktuell

With a 6:4-win against Switzerland, Germany won the inofficial IceSnowFootball World Cup 2017. Watch the report on SRF sportaktuell starting at minute 42:58.

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Champions Club

The Champions Club is the main sponsor of the football at the Arosa IceSnowFootball. In January, the ice rink Ochsenbühl turns into a snow football field and international football teams play on the snow and ice around the coveted rock crystal.