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Breathing in the fresh air, seeing the magnificent alpine panorama and feeling the ground underneath your feet. In and around Arosa you can find running trails for every taste. If you like to compete against other runners, we recommend to take part in one of the different running events that challenge your body and reward your endurance.

Swissalpine Irontrail

The Swissalpine Irontrail is known worldwide for its unique natural experiences and varied trails as the most beautiful Ultratrail. The various trail routes speak to both extreme cyclists, ambitious, experienced and enjoyable hikers as well as families. Be it the long-range trail with its 200 kilometers and almost 11500 height meters, the marathon trail or simply a hike - there is something for any trail enthusiast.

Arosa Trail Run

The Arosa Trail run - an experience and a challenge with three spectacular trails! There are three trails with different difficulties. However, all three trails offer: crisp climbs, magnificent views and high pulse frequencies.

Swiss Management Run

Management has more to do with sports than you think. Listen to exciting lectures by top managers and then test your own limits in the sunshine of the Arosa mountains. Be there!

Arosa Finder

The offer launched by Swiss Orienteering, the Swiss Association of Orientation Skiers, is intended to enable active activity in a simple way, combining two different skills such as orientating yourself with a map and simultaneous walking or walking. The focus is set on the experience, the successful establishment of the best route and finding the most beautiful views.

Running Trails

You prefer to go jogging without getting compared to others? Find here our suggestions for the most beautiful trails around Arosa.