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Horseback Riding

Riding on horseback or sitting comfortably in a horse-drawn carriage, Arosa can also be explored like this. Here you will find various possibilities we offer with these gentle four-legged creatures.

Horse-drawn Carriages

Information about the horse-drawn carriages can be obtained directly from the booth at the train station or at the following telephone numbers:

Gabriel Schnider M +41 79 524 38 75
Jakob Meier M +41 79 223 61 64
Franz Weinbach T +41 81 377 41 96

You can also make reservations directly at the booth or by phone.

The carriage rides cost between CHF 100.00 and CHF 150.00 per hour. A surcharge of 25% will be charged from 6.00 pm. Waiting time is CHF 50.00 per hour.

Riding up the Mountain

Do you want the cowboy feeling in the middle of the Swiss mountains? Well in Arosa you can!
Escape everyday life and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery on horseback with the packages of «Horseback riding on the mountain». Riding past meadows, forests and always with panoramic views of the mountains peaks, you go up to the Schwellisee. To make sure that you have enough energy for the ride you can always enjoy a brunch or a barbecue in the restaurant «Alpenblick».