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Hiking Trails

A diverse hiking network of over 200 kilometers of walking and hiking trails can be enjoyed in summer in Arosa and the surrounding area. There is a suitable hiking route for every level.
Take a look at our hiking hiking brochure and look for a suitable hike or discover wonderful hiking routes on our summer panoramical map.

Mountain Hiking Trails

In airy heights are the best views and the most impressive mountain landscapes. Here you will find mountain hiking trails around Arosa.

Hiking Trails

Discover the most beautiful paths through dense forests, over lush meadows and past peacefully rippling mountain streams.

Long Distance Trails

For those who want to get away from everyday life and really want to get away from it all, the best way is to explore the stunning landscape of Arosa and the surrounding area for several days. Here you will find different tours, which can be mastered in several stages.

Theme Trails

On numerous theme trails, not only the wonderful nature in and around Arosa can be discovered, but also other exciting contents are conveyed. Here you can see the different routes at a glance.

Difficulty Levels

The requirements of the routes and tours are divided into condition and technology. They are defined differently for each type of hiking. These definitions should be understood as a guideline and may deviate from the information on the route marking.