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Already the unique location distinguishes Arosa from other holiday regions. Arosa is an insider tip for those who are looking for peace, who chose hiking as a passion.

In summer there are a variety of trouvailles to discover. Whether it is a special hike around the legends, a walk through picturesque forests or hikes to crystal-clear mountain lakes, 2900 meter high mountain peaks and many other natural treasures - all this can be experienced on the well-marked and marked hiking trails in and around Arosa.

Keep your eyes open, not seldom do you see squirrels, chamois, marmots, redirs, stone blocks, peregrine falcons and even stone eagles. Discover our hiking offers, too.

Because the geological composition changes dramatically between Arosa and the Weisshorn there is a big fauna with over 900 different flowering plants, 30 ferns, 250 mosses and mushrooms.

Routes & Tours

A diverse hiking network of over 200 kilometers of walking and hiking trails can be enjoyed in summer in Arosa and the surrounding area. There is a suitable hiking route for every level.

Theme Trails

There is much to discover and explore on the theme trails in and around Arosa. Hiking and learning are combined playfully. On the various theme trails, animals can be fed and fauna and flora discovered.

Viewpoints & Fireplaces

Hike to the most beautiful views or enjoy a picnic at one of the many fireplaces. The right thing is certainly there for you.

Graubünden Hiking App

The Graubünden hiking app is the indispensable companion for the most beautiful tours in Graubünden and contains an ever-increasing number of tours on topographic maps on a scale of 1: 25,000. Practical - the maps can also be used offline! Other content: summit competition, tour planner with automatic routing, configurable speedometer and peg foil.

Quick Travel Luggage

Are you planning a multi-day tour through graubünden? Use the baggage transport "Quick travel luggage Graubünden" to transport your luggage from one destination to another. The service allows a daily transfer to and from more than 70 hotels, railway stations and post offices throughout the canton of Grisons and neighboring regions! Convenient, reliable and cost-effective.

Dealing with Animals

If you encounter animals during your hike, it is important to know how you behave, so that the animals remain undisturbed.

Hike to Fauna and Flora

Discover the nature around Arosa on a guided hike, which can be arranged according to your needs, and enjoy the chance to observe the local wildlife.
For bookings and further information, please contact the Naturerlebniswelt Jäger M +41 79 305 42 00 or

Winter Notice in Summer

Even in winter, you can follow your passion for nature on the best prepared winter hiking trails. A network of about 140 kilometers of prepared winter hiking trails are available. For hikers to reach the cozy mountain huts, many paths lead through the snow sports area, others draw their curves in hidden side valleys.