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Squirrel Trail

The Squirrel Trail is undoubtedly the most popular theme trail for families. The fluffy animals, who dare to get close to you and eat directly from your hand, inspire guests of all ages.

The trail starts at the first big squirrel, which is placed in front of the Hotel BelArosa. After crossing the Tomeli-Strasse (below Waldhotel National), the path leads to the forest and ends at the bus stop Maran. Towards the end of the path visitors will find a large playground with a barbecue.

Attention: No parking possibilities in front of the Hotel BelArosa and the Waldhotel National.

Mysteries and Riddles

On the famous Squirrel trail, kids can not only feed the cute little animals, but also solve puzzles along the way. A fun game for every age. At Arosa Tourismus there is an exciting puzzle-booklet dedicated to the squirrel trail as well as the book "Mensch sein macht müde".

Not only Squirrels are looking forward to your Visit

In addition to squirrels, there are also numerous birds in the forest, which can be observed and fed directly by hand.

Do Squirrels hibernate?

In the autumn they begin to stockpile their winter supplies by burying many seeds and nuts in the ground. Since they do not have hibernate, they are dependent on having food for the whole winter. Therefore the animals can be observed and fed on the Aroser Squirrel trail at any time of the year.

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