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How does ChippinGolf work?

Do you know Minigolf? Then for once do not imagine Minigolf on the prepared tracks, but outdoors in nature, on hiking trails and mountain meadows - that's ChippinGolf! A different way to get to know the impressive surroundings of Arosa.

The rules of the game are very simple and therefore also suitable for families. The aim is to approach the warning signs with the least possible amount of swings and thus "putt" them.

The game takes place on the 9-hole ChippinGolf terrain Prätschli-Mittelstation and can be played in both directions. Note: The ChippinGolf round does not end in the same place as is started. The middle station can be reached with the Weisshorngondel, the start at the Prätschli by the Arosa bus - both means of transport can be used free of charge with the Arosa Card. A round of ChippinGolf takes about 2 hours.
The clubs can be rented at Arosa tourism. An official identity card is required as deposit. ChippinGolf can be played during the summer season (17 June - 22 October 2017).

ChippinGolf goes drallo

A new game called Drallo has been developed, which is connected to ChippinGolf, here the app is not "only" a way, but plays ChippinGolf.

Bring the ChippinGolf equipment at Arosa Tourism. This is not only a bat, ball and tea, but also a metal plate and a flag.

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Minigolf off the regular tracks seems strange to you? Then you can convince yourself with this video of how much fun this great game provides out in the open!