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The Arosa railway slowly winds its way down through Chur, past the Stadtmauer, Malteserturm and Obertor, the landmark of the Bündner capital. But the city stroll on rails does not last long. At the city boundary, the Arosa railway changes into the mountain railway and winds its way through the wild Schanfigger valley up to the well-known resort Arosa. On the only 26 km long track the train climbs over a thousand meters.

By the way, the train route Lüen-Castiel-Arosa and retour is included in the Arosa Card during the summer and in the winter it is included in the ski and hiking pass. More information about the public transport offer can be found here.

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Nach: Arosa, Bahnhof
Datum: 16.12.16
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...on wheels

From Chur it is about 40 minutes on road going up. The Schanfiggerstrasse winds its way through the valley and crosses over 30km and around 360 curves while climbing 1320m in elevation.

Caution: Check the current road condition, especially in winter, before setting off. A glance at the general traffic information is also recommended.


Here you can find useful information about the parking situation in Arosa.
Or you can drive to Chur by car and then take the Rhaetian Railway to Arosa. Use the Park & ​​Rail offer and park your car in Chur in the car park.

(Group) Transfers from/to the airport

Arosa Shuttle
Allemann Transporte
7028 St. Peter / Arosa
T +41 81 356 41 07
M +41 79 433 67 92

Rent a car

If you need a rental car, we recommend you Sixt.


The curvy Schanfiggerstrasse proves dangerous for some coaches. Please note the following limitations:

  • Maximum width 2,3m     
  • Maximum height 4.0m     
  • Maximum total weight 18t

Company: Christallreisen,, Website

... with wings or rotors


From the Friedrichshafen airport, the Graubünden Express (shuttle bus) brings you comfortably to Chur. From Zurich, the Intercity runs into the Bündner capital. From there you can easily travel with the Rhaetian Railway through the idyllic landscape all the way to Arosa.

Private aircrafts are recommended to to land in Altenrhein.



A mountain helipad is located at the Isel - only a few hundred meters away from the village.



Taxis to Arosa:

Swiss Helicopter AG, Untervaz
T +41 81 322 57 57

Heli Bernina, Samedan
T +41 81 851 18 18