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Overnight Statistics Summer 2016

Overnight Statistics Summer 2015 

October 2015, Closing Summer 2015 

Arosa closed the summer season in October with a pleasing increase of 15.2%. The OL World Cup on the weekend of 2nd - 4th October, which brought over 1800 athletes to Arosa, has had a positive impact on the number of overnight stays in almost all hotel categories.

Seen over the whole summer season, the destination Arosa has to record a decline of 14.4%. The Robinson Club, which had to closed this summer, contributes about 10%, unfortunately, a large share of the summer minus. At the same time, however, other hotels in various categories have provided satisfying numbers. For example, the Arosa Kulm Hotel can look forward to an increase of almost 12% compared to the previous year, while the Romantikhotel BelArosa, the 3-star Arosa Vetterhotel, Hotel Belri, Hotel Seehof and the hotels Hohenfels, Erzhorn, Mittendrinn, Provisorium13 and house at the forest with very considerable increases in overnight stays.

Looking at the nationalities of the Arosa guests, visitors from the markets of China, West Asia (Thailand) and Norway are growing. In addition, more guests from Switzerland traveled to Arosa in the summer. This confirms the effectiveness of the targeted advertising & marketing activities of Arosa Tourism in these - partially new - target markets. At the same time, however, a decline in income in the markets of Holland and Belgium, as well as Germany, must be sustained. The loss of 16,000 overnight stays in the German market can be attributed mainly to the closing of Robinson.

Thanks to the new offer "Novemberhoch", numerous guests came the first two November weekends and on the hiking and biking trails around Arosa. The seamless transition from the summer to the winter season has been successful. On 28 November 2015, Arosa was officially launched into the winter season and the Arosa Humor Festival will take place from 3 to 13 December 2015 in the Arosa Winter 2015/16.

Statistics Oktober 2015

Statistics Summer Season 2015


September 2015 

Throughout September in Arosa

The overnight accounts for the month of September show a very different picture. The 5-star hotels close 17.3% compared to the previous year. Especially the Arosa Kulm hotel can look back on a very strong month. At the same time, the 4-star hotels have a minus of 35.7%, which is largely attributable to the closed Robinson Club. These club guests have not chosen a different hotel, but have visited the destination Arosa this summer.

The Arosa ClassicCar, which has been rainy this year, has also led to a drop in the number of overnight stays. While the drivers like to drive the racetrack during rainy weather, the spectators do not in these weather conditions. In view of the fact that the Arosa ClassicCar is the largest overnight stay driver in the month of September, these missing overnight stays are very important compared to the previous year.

In October, the successful OL World Cup, which took place on the first weekend in October, is hoped to bring a higher number of overnight stays compared to the previous year.

Statistics September 2015


August 2015 

Painful minus in overnight stays due to closed hotels

August closes with a 21.7% drop in overnight stays. It should be noted that the minus is only 5% when the statistics are adjusted around the closed Robinson Club. It turns out that the closed club hotel has a massive influence on the number of overnight stays in the summer season.

Also in August, the numerous events - Swiss Management Run, Beach Soccer Tournament, Handicraftsman's Forum - were accountable for valuable overnight stays and consumption in the village.

Statistics August


July 2015 

Overnight stay increased on second glance

The month of July closes with a 7% drop in overnight stays. However, if the number of logging nights were adjusted for the closed Robinson Club, July could even show a 2% increase in overnight stays. The closed Hotel Robinson Club has therefore had a strong influence on the overnight stays of this summer.

The increase in the number of overnight stays in the hotels in the lower star categories is encouraging, with an increase of 6% to 20% compared to the previous year. The 5-star hotel industry was able to maintain the figures for the previous year. In the four-star hotels there are within a category with very different numbers, and it is difficult to paint a clear picture.

Arosa was better visited during the first 20 days of July across the entire destination than during the last third of the month. Once again, it is clear that especially the service providers were able to increase in the number of overnight stays, which were able to accommodate guests with "organized holidays" - as participants in music weeks or training camps, especially ice hockey camps.

Outlook for August

You can look forward to the August figures - according to the strategy of Arosa Tourism, some event activities are starting after the end of the summer holidays, so this month the following events come to us: Swiss Management Run, Suzuki Beach Soccer, Entrepreneur Forum, Arosa ClassicCar. The numerous events are supposed to make the best use of the weekends. In the case of a splendid late-summer weather, it is also possible to expect an extended stay.

Statistics July


June 2015 

Summer season 2015 starts with a great occasion but overnights are in the negative

At the moment, the sun is shining with the destination Arosa and ensures satisfied faces with guests and locals. Looking at the number of overnight stays in the first summer month, however, the picture is cloudy: the destination Arosa has to record a 35% drop in overnight stays in June 2015.

On one hand, the missing hotel beds from the Robinson Club, which closed this summer and the hotel Valsana, which is in renovation, contribute to the minus. Above all the loss of the Robinson Club has the strongest effect with almost 50% of the minus.

On the other hand, the trampoline World Cup Nissen Cup, which is held every two years in Arosa and only takes place again in the summer of 2016, is missing this year. However, the session of the Grand Council, which was held in Arosa from 15 to 18 June 2015, generated valuable overnight stays and prevented an even deeper result.

The wonderful summer weather and events such as the international floorball tournament, the music course weeks or the sports training camps (football referees, Ochsner hockey camp) suggest a better result in the month of July.

Statistics June 2015